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Heat treatment

Heat treatment lines (companies: IPSEN, SAFED, REMIX) enabling the above processes to be carried out on small elements and fasteners up to M16 x 160 made of carbon and low-alloy steel.

After heat treatment products meet the strength requirements according to ISO 898 and the individual needs of recipients.

Anti-corrosion coatings

We have a line for lamellar anti-corrosive coatings licensed by the MAGNI company, applied by the DIP-SPIN method

These coating consists mainly of a mixture of zinc and aluminum, an electrically conductive binder, and depending on the requirements of the integrated lubricant to correct the coefficient of friction. Alike they have a special electrical conductivity, thanks to which they provide so-called cathodic protection.

Basic properties of lamellar anti-corrosion coatings:

An overview of the work of the paint shop.

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